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Awesome (Espresso)

Awesome (Espresso)

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Awesome (medium roast espresso blend) is create for everyday espresso drinker. The name "AWESOME" comes from the word that we said it out when we enjoy the coffee every morning. We develop this blend to showcase how balance of espresso is and roast with medium level to enchancing sweetness to make everyone easy to enjoy the espresso!

It's the perfect foundation for balance, sweet and gentle tasting of the drinks. This blend is combination of 2 coffee natural processing from Thailand to produce Sweet & Juicy espresso with Very Berry Jam, Tropical Fruit, Cherry Blossom and Winey & Chocolate.

Now Blending : 
Thailand Sirinya Lactic
- Thailand Sirinya Washed

Recommend for : Espresso

For retail
Line Official : @factorycoffee

For wholesale please contact
Tel : +66 615546916
Line ID : factoryroasters
Email :

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